About Donna

Donna Seto is a writer working on her first novel and various other creative ponderings. In her previous life, she wrestled crocodiles in the ivory tower, taught English to eight-year-old brats in Japan, fought fires in business school, and made extra-hot no-foam lattes with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla. 

Her first novel, Neither Here Nor There, explores the backlash of anti-racism efforts through the eyes of three orphans growing up in a post-pandemic world where skin colour determines whether one is publicly tortured and incarcerated. 

Donna was longlisted for the CBC Non-fiction Literary Prize and shortlisted for the Edna Staebler Personal Essay Prize. Her literary work has been published in The New Quarterly and Ricepaper Magazine. She is also working on a collection of short stories and a second novel.

Donna‚Äôs academic research explores the complexity of intersectional violence during armed conflict and the impact of war rape on subsequent generations. Her academic book No Place for a War Baby: The Global Politics of Children Born of Wartime Sexual Violence (Routledge) provides an interdisciplinary perspective that questions how silence surrounding war and peace processes has prevented justice for children born of war and war rape survivors.

Donna has a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the Australian National University. She works in research development and teaches at the University of British Columbia. She identifies as a woman of colour obsessed with chocolate almond croissants.

Published Works