Donna Seto is a writer and academic. Her literary work was long-listed for the CBC Non-Fiction Prize and shortlisted for the Edna Staebler Prize. She is the author of No Place for a War Baby: The Global Politics of Children born of Wartime Sexual Violence. She has a PhD in Politics and International Relations.

Donna is working on her first novel and a collection of short stories.

Contact: setodonna@gmail.com
Twitter: @donnaseto

Work in Progress

  • Neither Here Nor There (a novel – complete/querying)
  • Autonomous (a novel – in progress)
  • Are We Ever Good? (short story collection)

Literary Publications

Literary Honours and Awards

Academic Publications

Journal Articles/Book Chapters
  • “Vietnamese Amerasian Children and the Limits of Sovereignty,” in Challenging Conceptions: Children Born of Wartime Rape and Sexual Exploitation. Oxford University Press (forthcoming).
  • “Secondary Trauma: Reconciling Children born of Wartime Sexual Violence and the Children’s Rights Regime,” in Rape Cultures and Survivors: An International Perspective. Praeger Publishing, 2018.
  • “Children born of Wartime Sexual Violence: Searching for Emancipatory Possibilities in Marginalized Spaces,” Peacebuilding: Special Issue on Everyday Peace and Youth, 3.2, 2015.
  • “Unlikely Protection: Non-Governmental Organizations and the Representation of War-Affected Children,” Australian Journal of Human Rights, 16.1, 2010.

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