Neither Here Nor There

A Novel

Three orphans, haunted by the backlash of anti-racism efforts, grow up in a post-pandemic world where skin colour determines whether one is publicly tortured and incarcerated by the Punishment Scheme. 

At nineteen, Jane operated a smuggling ring that transported coloured-women like herself to the safe zone; but at twenty-nine, reeducated and implanted with new memories, Jane doesn’t recall being a human smuggler, or her twin-brother John, or how her last mission killed 350 people including John’s wife. But Kalle Anderson remembers the Girl Smuggler, he remembers because she kissed him on that humid August day before she stole his mother’s memories. He remembers because he blogged vigorously about the explosion, the “Drowned 350”, the innocent “womenandchildren” in hopes the Girl Smuggler would contact him. Years later, as an interrogator in the Punishment Scheme, Kalle comes face-to-face with Jane, except she is no longer the fearless girl who once controlled the sea but a victim of the Professor’s memory-harvesting experiments.

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