Doodles inspired by the everyday & just planting my feet on the urban streets.

In between finishing my novel, working remotely, and trying to find the underground market for goods, I started drawing again during the early days of the pandemic. Some say it was a way to ignore the turbulent and uncertain world, but I was just curling up into my childhood dreams of being an artist and a writer. When in doubt, do what you know best, some wise person once said.

Over time, I started to experiment with ink and watercolour. I dusted off my camera and started wandering the streets to capture my hometown of Vancouver. I searched archival pictures of retro-buildings that have either changed or have been torn down. The results came about through a lot of quiet, inner-me time, a lot of uncontrolled moments with the unpredictability of watercolour and a work-in-progress book idea to capture the history of Vancouver’s architecture through illustrations.

My first series includes paintings and drawings of Vancouver Chinatown.

Vancouver’s Chinatown (as well as other Chinatowns around the world) hold a special place in my heart as they represent a history of exclusion and discrimination but also of hope and community. I’m calling this series “Vanishing Chinatown” which blends old and new architecture with a splash of colour to honour the vibrant history of Chinatowns around the world.

Here are some of the results:

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